Imbeerium presents

Your trappist beer experience

We are proud to present the first all-inclusive circuit of discovery and tasting of the best Trappist beers in the world. Every day of our refined Belgian beer tour will allow you to discover Belgium's most grandiose abbeys, age-old breweries and most mythical tasting places - while spending your nights in carefully selected top-class hotels and enjoying fine gourmet dishes throughout the whole Tour. You will also be invited to learn more about traditional brewing and to create your own unique beer. And because your comfort is one of our top-priority, every mile will be travelled aboard high-end vehicles that ensure safety and serenity for you and your friends or family. In other words, everything in our circuit has been cherry-picked so that our epicurean Belgian beer tour remains an unforgettable experience.

Simply the

Best beers in the world

Be a part of our Tour and discover Belgium's know-how with traditional and extraordinary beers. While most of those are the result of small craft breweries and are often proudly displaying the ATP label (which stands for 'Authentic Trappist Product'), you will also discover that some of them cannot even be enjoyed anywhere else in the world.

Orval beer - Imbeerium

Orval (ATP)

Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval A l'Ange Gardien Orval, Orval Vert
Rochefort beer - Imbeerium

Rochefort (ATP)

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy La Gourmandise Rochefort 6, Rochefort 8, Rochefort 10
Duvel beer - Imbeerium


Brasserie Duvel - Puurs Brasserie Duvel Duvel
Westvleteren beer - Imbeerium

Westvleteren (ATP)

Abbaye de Saint-Sixtus In de Vrede Westvleteren 8, Westvleteren 12, Westvleteren Blond
Chimay beer - Imbeerium

Chimay (ATP)

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Scourmont Auberge du Poteaupré Espace Chimay Chimay Dorée, Chimay Red, Chimay Tripple
Achel beer - Imbeerium

Achel (ATP)

Abbaye Notre-Dame - Saint-Benoît De Achelse Kluis Achel 5, Achel Blond, Achel Bruin, Achel Extra
Trappe beer - Imbeerium

Trappe (ATP NL)

Abbaye Notre-Dame - Koninghoeven Koninghoeven Trappe Blond, Trappe White, Trappe Double, Trappe Tripple, Trappe Quadrupple
St-Bernardus beer - Imbeerium


Brasserie Saint-Bernard - Watou Brasserie Saint-Bernard Saint-Bernard 4, Saint-Bernard 6, Saint-Bernard 8, Saint-Bernard 12, Saint-Bernard White, Saint-Bernard Tripple
Bush beer - Imbeerium


Brewery Dubuisson - Pipaix Brewery Dubuisson Bush Tripple, Bush de Noël, Bush Caractère
Westmalle beer - Imbeerium

Westmalle (ATP)

Abbaye Notre-Dame du Sacré Coeur Café Trappisten Westmalle Dubble, Westmalle Tripple, Westmalle Extra
Brew your own beer - Imbeerium

Your own Beverage

Brasserie des Rocs Home

Get ready to brew!

Cuvée des Trolls - Imbeerium


Dubuisson - Pipaix Brewery Dubuisson Cuvée des Trolls, Rasta Trolls

Brewer for a day

Create your own beverage

Our tour will lead you to a place full of authenticity and serenity where you will be able to create your own beer. Ranging from the choice of ingredients to the design of the label, including passing through the crushing, brewing and boiling, the "Micro-Brasserie des Rocs" welcomes you in the middle of nature for a unique and unforgettable brewing experience. You will be invited to a brewing workshop, a visit of the brewery and its mill, a discovery of the gardens, a tasting of local products and of course, a tasting of the local beverage.

The best dishes and

The most luxurious hotels

At the end of each day, our chauffeur will drive you to one of our cherry-picked hotel establishments. Our Tour includes multiple nights in four- or five-stars hotels sitting in the heart of beautiful and vibrant cities where you'll be able to wander in magnificent main squares, charming streets and alleys - discovering their architecture, history, restaurants and bars.

Our beer Tour also includes a few nights either in authentic places lost in the middle of nowhere, or in small, simple and lovely Bed & Breakfasts. Those places are all about appreciating your hosts' exceptional hospitality and enjoying quiet gardens. Every establishment we selected offers either a classical, sophisticated gourmet cuisine, or a more generous, yet exceptional local cuisine.

Belgian beer tour - Duke's Palace

Duke’s Palace


Five stars hotel in the center of Bruges.

Luxury 9.4
Belgian beer tour - Domaine Chateau du Faucon

Domaine Château du Faucon


Four stars hotel in the middle of nowhere. Gourmet dinner at the hotel restaurant by Chef Faucon.

First Class 8
Belgian beer tour - Hotel Amigo Brussels



Five stars hotel in the heart of Brussels.

Luxury 9.2
Belgian beer tour - Hotel Hilton Antwerpen

Hilton Old Town


Four stars hotel in the center of Antwerp.

First Class 8.6
Belgian beer tour - Dans tes Rêves

Dans tes rêves


Rooms and Bed & Breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Dinner by your host.

Standard 9.8
Belgian beer tour - Van Der Valk Mons

Van Der Valk


Four stars hotel in the Mons neighbourhood. Gourmet dinner at the hotel restaurant by the Van Der Valk Chef.

First Class 8.8
Belgian beer tour - Kruisherenhotel



Five stars hotel in an old monastery of Maastricht.

Luxury 9.2
Belgian beer tour - Extend your trip

Ready to Extend your Trip?

Belgium or Further

Upon request, we can extend your trip and show you more amazing hotels in Belgium and further.

Luxury 9
Belgian beer tour - Hotel Couvent des Minimes

Hôtel Couvent des Minimes


Four stars Hotel in an old convent of Lille.

First Class 8.2
Belgian beer tour - Hotel Victoria



Three stars hotel in the heart of the smallest town in the world. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Comfort 7.8

Professional driver in suit

High-end vehicles

In order to guarantee your safety and comfort throughout our Tour, we are exclusively relying on high-end vehicles. From 2 to 18 guests, we're offering state-of-the-art Mercedes E Class and V Class vehicles as standard. A bilingual French and English driver in suit will accompany you and be your reference during the whole Tour.

Belgian beer tour - Mercedes Class E
3 Diesel 2

Mercedes E Class

Our standard yet high-end sedan. Comfortable and discreet, this is our standard choice for our Private plan. Included.

Belgian beer tour - Mercedes Class V
6 Diesel 6

Mercedes V Class

Whether you choose the private or the shared Tour, the Mercedes V class is our best option for small groups up to 6 guests. Included.

Belgian beer tour - Mercedes Maybach
3 Gasoline 2

Mercedes Maybach

Exceptional vehicle for exceptional guests. This is our fully-equipped Presidential Limousine. Option coming soon.

Belgian beer tour - Mercedes Class S
3 Gasoline 2

Mercedes S Class

More comfort, more luxury, more refinement. The Mercedes S Class is the choice for the most demanding guests. Option.

Go the extra mile

Customize your trip

For your beer Tour to be exceptional and conform to your image, we're excited to offer several bonuses "à la carte" : an extra step, an atypical vehicle, a photographer, ... just name it. We love challenges and we'll do our utter best to make your dreams come true. Please note that the visits of abbeys are most of the time limited to the exterior of the abbey, as we can't disrupt the peace of the monks.

Belgian beer tour - Comfort is not an option

Comfort is not an option

We mean it

Included in all our cars: soft drinks, music, candies. Take your pick or get them all. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable during your trip.

Belgian beer tour - Metalheads

Route 666

Available in all our cars

Our driver can be replaced by one of the Devil’s minions, playing from Paranoid to Cowboys from Hell for any metalhead who loves beer (who doesn’t anyway?). Free upon request.

Gent Belgium - Imbeerium

One more city

Belgium & further

Should we go a step further? We got you covered! There are plenty of beautiful cities in Belgium and around, and we’ll sure be happy to show you more of them if you want to.

Belgian beer tour - Exceptional vehicles

Exceptional vehicles

Go the extra mile

Exceptional beer matches exceptional vehicles. If you want to book our tour with your dream car, just let us know.

Abbaye de Maredsous - Imbeerium

Another abbey

Belgium & further

Are you into abbeys? We are! Just let us know if you want to visit another one during your trip.

Belgian beer tour - Manoir des Lebioles

Another hotel

Belgium & further

Do you really believe we do not know other incredible places to spend a wonderful night?

Belgian beer tour - Imbeeruim - Brewery

Another brewery

Belgium & further

With over 1500 different beers, believe us: we’ll find another brewery to visit if you should want more.